Some Words About us

Pristine Maintenance and Services is proud to be a family owned and operated establishment. Having been in business for nearly 40 years, George Tharrenos, the Operations Manager and founder of Pristine Maintenance and Services, has developed a company rooted in the philosophy that success must be measured qualitatively and not quantitatively.. This means that company standards are not driven by numbers but rather work ethic, attention to detail, accountability, trust and honesty. Pristine Maintenance and Services not only ensures the highest quality service to all our clientele but guarantees to surpass expectations and by doing so, set a new industry standard that our competitors cannot ignore.


Differentiating ourselves from our direct competitors is a constant objective, at the forefront of our minds and we accomplish this in various ways. One of our core beliefs, is in the importance of showing value and respect to all those affiliated with the company, as well as, the clients who have entrusted the cleanliness of their business, into our hands.

This respect includes maintaining client facilities and property with the utmost care, as well as preserving an open and communicative relationship with our contacts. It also includes treating our cleaners with dignity, respect and appreciation. If our cleaners are not treated properly, then they cannot perform to their highest potential. Cleaners should be valued in a cleaning and janitorial business and too often companies will neglect them, not realizing, that by doing this, they are hindering the potential of the individual, dishonoring the client and by default harming their business.


Our team has become like family over the years, as a result of built trust, mutual respect, and confidence rightly earned. Our company, as a whole, maintains a close knit environment, with all our employees, whilst still upholding professionalism and company standards. We attribute this strong relationship, to be one of the main contributing factors to our company success and long standing customer rapport and business.