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Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Etobicoke

In Etobicoke, Ontario, there are many diverse companies. For over 30 years, the janitorial services company, Pristine Cleaning Services, has been serving the needs of these organizations.

Aside from regular cleaning, commercial facilities need to be maintained to attract and retain a good customer base. With the help of Pristine Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that a vetted cleaning team will thoroughly clean your space.

At Pristine Cleaning Services, we take pride in providing our customers with the best possible cleaning services. In addition, we make sure that the areas used for business are kept clean and sanitary.

#1 Etobicoke, Ontario Commercial Cleaning Company

As a family-owned business, we take pride in providing our customers with the best possible cleaning services. We ensure that our clients rest assured that their facilities are always kept clean.

Every company client is assigned a dedicated account manager who can provide them with the best possible service. We also undergo a comprehensive training and vetting process to ensure that our staff members are highly trained and qualified. At Pristine Cleaning Services, we are not a franchised business, so if you need immediate assistance, contact us.

We offer a variety of cleaning programs to accommodate the varying needs of each client. In addition, our teams are highly-trained for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As a result, our customers can rest assured that a first-class cleaning team will thoroughly clean their facilities. With the world going through severe changes due to the number of viruses such as Covid-19, businesses in Etobicoke have become more proactive in their search for a trusted cleaning company.

We also offer deep medical cleaning, which is a type of cleaning that can effectively remove harmful germs and viruses from your facility. To learn more about our commercial cleaning services, contact us today.


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With more than 30 years of experience in commercial cleaning, we know exactly what you need.

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Etobicoke’s Office Cleaning You Can Trust

Over the years, we have been able to provide our customers with the best possible cleaning services in the city of Etobicoke.

We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services in the city of Etobicoke. In addition to regular cleaning, we can also handle other facilities such as schools, hospitals, and offices.

We at Pristine Cleaning Services are dedicated to our clients with the highest quality cleaning services. Through our customized solutions, we can meet their needs and schedule. For a free consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

How we clean

The Pristine Way to Corporate Cleaning


To meet and exceed your expectations, we must first know and understand the unique cleaning requirements of your facility: Cleaning frequency, cleaning types, cleaning areas, etc.


Once we understand your expectations, our team of experts will propose a fully customized cleaning solution for your premises based on our experience and industry best practices.


Your dedicated cleaning team arrives on site, executes your cleaning plan with careful attention to detail, and leaves your facility looking refreshed.


Effortless consistency is what every business owner and property manager needs. That's why our enhanced QA protocol works behind the scenes to ensure exceptional cleaning every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up for a one year contract?

No, you do not. We offer pay as you go services as well.

What types of buildings and in what industry do you clean?

We provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services for a variety of buildings, suites and facilities including offices, medical offices, retail spaces, data centers, auto dealerships, banks and financial institutions, daycare and learning centers, fitness centers, data centers and more.

Are there scope or size limitations to your service?

We professionally clean rooms of all sizes and types and in many different industries. We pride ourselves on offering flexible cleaning solutions for most situations.

Do you offer one time cleaning services in addition to contract?

Absolutely. Whether you need a one-time cleaning service, a short-term contract, a monthly service, an annual contract, or long-term commercial cleaning needs, we have all the options.

Is Pristine a franchise?

We are not a franchise. We are a family-owned & operated company with over 30 years of professional cleaning experience. The owners of the company are available to speak with you whenever the need arises.

What happens if an issue or concern arises?

We communicate openly and honestly. A conversation with company decision makers is just a phone call away. Our goal is to help you find solutions and fixes to problems and concerns and be productive. We respond quickly.

Are you an environmentally-conscious cleaning company? Do you utilize green cleaning products?

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly commercial cleaning company that uses green products and cleaning methods wherever possible. The best cleaning company in Ontario.

What specialized cleaning services do you offer in medical office environments?

In medical environments, we train our employees to strictly adhere to OSHA safety guidelines, including training on bloodborne pathogens. Our process-oriented methods and continuous improvement of our employees through training and consistent inspections set us apart. Incident prevention is our primary focus.

Is Pristine insured and bonded?

Yes. We operate 100% insured and bonded for the safety and peace of mind of our clients.

Our promises to you.

Reach us anytime.

Contact us 24/7, and hear back in two hours or less. You’ll be amazed at our response times.

Same day response.

If there's a problem, we send someone out immediately. We will take care of any problem within one business day or waive the cost of a day's cleaning.

Save time and money.

Stop juggling multiple vendor contracts. Take care of all your office and building cleaning needs with a single call.


We have a 98% customer retention rate compared to the industry standard of 45% because we provide a level of service that consistently exceeds expectations.

10 reviews on
Lira Murja
Lira Murja
As someone who does not typically write reviews, I feel compelled to do so for this particular company. I have been availing myself of their regular cleaning services and I have noticed a consistent improvement in their quality of work. I find their pricing to be quite reasonable and have no complaints in that regard. Their exceptional support for clients during the COVID-19 pandemic sets them apart from their competitors in the industry. In conclusion, I highly recommend this company.
Iart Metalla
Iart Metalla
We've used Pristine for our office for years. Tried another cleaner for a month - disaster. Went back to Pristine ASAP. They're amazing at what they do and responsive to any questions. Office staff, salespeople, and cleaners all do an amazing job!
Megi Xheta
Megi Xheta
We found Pristine through a colleague, and they're great. Quick quote, good job at the start, and they got even better as we gave them more direction. Dimitri is awesome - he takes his our facility seriously. Highly recommend Pristine for commercial cleaning.
Jai Malhan
Jai Malhan
Great cleaning and janitorial company! Have dealt with them many times, the service level and respect from the staff is truly remarkable! I am confident to refer Pristine maintenance to my friends and family!
Konstantine Theodor
Konstantine Theodor
Demetre was extremely professional and very organized. His team arrived on time, worked hard and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend this company if you want the job done well with very little hassle.
dafni kostis
dafni kostis
Great service! They are doing an amazing job. Prices are very good!
bob papalambropoulos
bob papalambropoulos
Great company, great service 24 hour response. For my Hamilton buildings.
Konst Kasekas
Konst Kasekas
Their work is incredible. Clean, and fast. We use Pristine for post construction clean up. Dimitri is an avid professional. He was on site asap, and was quick to point out what needed to be cleaned desperately, and where we could save money doing it. Great work. thanks for your continued support.

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We provide all types of janitorial services for all commercial facilities, such as healthcare cleaning services, bank cleaning, doorman services, and more. With over 30 years of cleaning experience and a strong presence in Ontario, Pristine Cleaning Services in Auorora has become the backbone for local businesses, medical facilities, educational and religious institutions in Etobicoke and surrounding areas.

Call Pristine Cleaning Services for the best commercial cleaning in Etobicoke near you at 905-454-4700. We are here 24/7/365 to answer your questions and concerns – contact us today!

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